Don't like it? Doesn't fit? Never mind. You can return the item by filling out our return form (download below). You have 30 days to change your mind.

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Return shipment

Return shipment is a service of Zásilkovna, which allows clients to easily return goods. The return logistics is handled by a code that the customer submits for free at any at the place of filing Zásilkovny and reports the given 8-digit code here. The code is unique to the e-shop.

Free returns - with the code 97880540, returning items is a breeze.

The first way for a customer to return goods to the e-shop is the so-called return shipment. How does it work?

Zásilkovna - zpětná zásilka

01 - The customer will pack the returned goods appropriately and add the return form supplied by the e-shop to the shipment if necessary.

02 - The parcel is taken to any delivery point of Zásilkovna.

03 - The operator will report an 8-digit return code unique to the e-shop (the so-called identifier).

04 - Based on the code, the operator generates a label and sticks it on the parcel.

05 - Our courier will pick up the parcel at the delivery point and take it back to the e-shop.

Return to address

If the location of any of our branches is not convenient for you, you can send the package directly to our workshop (at your own expense).

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