Barrsa as a brand was founded in 2007. It is a brainchild of a creative fashion designer and manufacturer of magnificent hoodies and sweatpants suitable for leisure and sports for both men and women. Barrsa is not just an ordinary label on a piece of clothing. It stands for uniqueness, quality and originality of each garment as much as of its wearer!

Barrsa is a young original brand which is not designed for the boring grey-coloured crowd. As the number of competitors in fashion keeps on growing these days, the brand emphasizes the use of modern and timeless cuts, high quality materials and unusual designs. The offered product range is sold in limited editions, exceptionally in serial production.

Barrsa fashion is aimed at young people, therefore the cuts and materials of the garments are chosen to be suitable for modern sports and dance. Barrsa encourages those who aren’t afraid to stand out of the crowd and follow their dreams. Barrsa supports dance crews, in-line skaters, sports clubs and many more on regular basis.

The designer Ondrej is striving to assure that the customer is as much satisfied with the goods and the buying process as possible and wants to ensure that he or she will return to the e-shop.