Galax GR/P – Women’s pull over hoodie

Galax GR/P – Women’s pull over hoodie


Deluxe ladies’ hoodie Galax is made of high quality, extremely comfortable material. It is a pull over hoodie with a zipper near the neckline; therefore it is easy to unzip it. It has a hood and a stylish stand-up collar that can be unzipped. The deluxe hoodie is designed in a simple cut spiced up by a modern print. It is suitable to cold weather, for long walks or for mountain climbing.


Women’s hoodie Galax GR/P is a pull over hoodie that can be unzipped at the neck, with a hood and a stand-up collar. The hoodie has flexible cuffs on the sleeves and the bottom hem.


  • 72% cotton, 28% high tenacity PES
  • woven fabric
  • textile from S- and Z- twist yarn
  • worsted cotton
  • soft touch cotton


  • grey-pink

Additional information

  • pull over
  • zipper near the neckline
  • 1 pocket (a muff in the front)
  • with a hood
  • with a stand-up collar


length 50 52 55 60 62 65
width 44 46 50 53 55 60


Data sheet

100% cotton with admixture

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