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ashion Mask 2-layered black

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The mask is not only a protective element, but also a fashion accessory. The drape is two-layered - the inner material is a 20 gram non-woven fabric. The upper material is a PES mesh, which strengthens the drape. The drape is therefore very light and thanks to the materials it is well breathable. Breathing in this drape is completely incomparable with any other textile drape. We used a medical rubber band for the veil, which is also very flexible.

You can boil the mask in boiling water, iron and wash.

This mask is reusable!


Double-layer mask with non-woven fabric for better efficiency. The veil is for flexible medical rubber bands.

So you tie the veil once and then, thanks to its flexibility, you can easily remove and put it on without having to re-tie it.

1st layer - PES mesh

2nd layer - non-woven fabric for higher efficiency

The size is universal.


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